Hiram: Archangel of Choice

Malakite Archangel. Uses human form, late 20s, loose, ear-length sandy blonde hair. 5'9". Green eyes.


“The world is full of choices, make yours wisely.”


It is Dissonant for an Angel of Choice to force or compel another person’s choice.

Choir Attunements

  • Seraph – With their piercing gaze, these Angels can immediately determine the most difficult choice a person is currently faced with.
  • Cherub (Restricted) – When their attuned makes a choice, these Angels can tell if it will cause them to be in danger within the Cherub’s Ethereal Forces in days.
  • Ofanite (Restricted) – Reducing the burden of choice, these Angels may take two Celestial actions per round.
  • Elohite – With a glance, these Angels can tell the most logical argument for or against a decision a person needs to make.
  • Malakite – When a person makes a decision, the Angel can imbue that person with his own Divine resolve. This resolve lasts for the Angel’s Will in days and will grant the subject a bonus equal to the Angel’s Celestial Forces to resist anything that might change their mind or sway them from their chosen course.
  • Kyriotate (Restricted) – If a host is willing to be possessed, the Angel gains a +1 bonus to the CD of any roll while in possession of that host.
  • Mercurian – These Angels can foresee the consequences of a person’s choice up to Celestial Forces months into the future. The CD of a Perception roll dictates the level of detail foretold.
  • Bright Lilim (Restricted) – Their Resonance can determine which of the subject’s Needs will help them to come to a decision. The CD gives the importance of the decision, relative to the subject.
  • Grigori (Restricted) – Any Grigori that serves Choice may freely choose the nature of their offspring: Child of the Grigori, Mortal, or even another Grigori itself.

N.B. Hiram will never create any Malakim.

Creating Angels of Choice

Hiram will create 8 Force Relievers with their 9th Force bound to them in potentia. When the Celestial is ready to become the Angel they want or need to be, the 9th Force will automatically slip into place and the Reliever will Fledge as an Angel on the spot. This way, all newly created Servitors will have their own choice as to their eventual nature. Also, no newly created Celestial will be forcibly bound into service with the Word of Choice. All of them will be welcomed to the Symphony and asked if they wish to serve Choice or not, or even simply

Servitor Attunements

  • Time to Choose – For the cost of 1 Essence, the Angel can make a minute seem to stretch out to an hour, giving him time to think. A successful Meditation roll will increase the subjective time by CD hours (to a minimum of 2 hours).
  • Informed Decision – The Angel automatically gets a CD equal to his Celestial Forces for any Knowledge check relevant to a choice at hand.
  • Chosen Colours – Celestially marked by his choices –including, but not limited to Rites, Oaths, and Attunements- an Angel with Chosen Colours is empowered and granted visible confidence by his significant decisions. This empowerment conveys a bonus equal to the Angel’s Corporeal Forces to interaction rolls within a select group of Mortals. The group of Mortals this bonus applies to may be changed once per day.

In addition, the Angel may manifest any of his symbolic Celestial markings upon his Vessel as temporary or permanent tattoos.


  • Vassal of Choice – With eye contact and a Perception roll, the Vassal can see what would make a person choose a certain course of action.
  • Friend of the Advisers – When presented with a choice, the Friend instinctively knows which option will cause the least distress to, or attract the least attention from, those nearby.
  • Master of Free Will – A Master retains his free will in all circumstances. (While Resonances and Attunements cannot force him to do anything, they still function and might cause the Master to wish to do actions he may not have prior to his affliction).


Allied: Eli, Eryiel, Gabriel

Hostile: Dominic (Hiram is not hostile towards Dominic)

Associated: All others.

Basic Rites

· Help someone make a choice that benefits others.

· Spend an hour weighing the consequences of a decision.

· Convince someone to change a deeply held belief (+2 Essence)

Extended Rites

· Deliberately choose to do something you have never done before.

· Destroy a dilemma by finding a third choice (+2 Essence).

The Manor

Hiram’s Cathedral is a two-storey manor house in a warm and welcoming English style. It is surrounded by pleasantly sculpted grounds that eventually back onto Novalis’ Glade

On the inside it has the layout one might expect: a study, library, billiards room, kitchen, etc… The upper level is bedroom space, with each and every Servitor comfortably appointed in a room with study attached if needed.

There is always enough room in the Manor for all Servitors, Blessed Souls, and visitors – whether they wish company or solitude.

Hiram’s chambers are in the main Study of the Manor and it is a welcoming room with a writing desk and comfortable chairs. There are books, maps, and curious items adorning nearly every surface.

Zarel, the Elohite Angel of Consequence holds his office in the conservatory across the hall from Hiram’s Study. Zarel is the Second in Command of the Word of Choice, and as such is left with much of the mundane day-to-day tasks involved in administration of an Archangel’s organization.

Given his power and Word, Zarel was allowed to keep many of his Judgement attunements when he transferred to Choice and is now naturally a Master of Free will on top of all other attunements or Distinctions he has.

Isabella, the Bright Lilim of Freedom of Choice is Hiram’s conscience and closest advisor as well as his wife. Secretly she is a joint Servitor of Choice and Freedom as well as heading the shadow operations of the Word of Choice – sometimes people cannot be allowed to continue on a path of action due to risk, or some people refuse all chances to change things in a beneficial way. In the most extreme cases, Angels of Choice under Isabella’s command (known from within as The Final Decision) can remove such dangerous threats. After all, assassination removes potential choices, it doesn’t force or compel anyone and is therefore not Dissonant.

The Mediators

Filling the role of internal police, the Mediators still also perform the function their name suggests. First and foremost they exist to counsel Angels and to settle differences that they may have with each other, with other Angels, Words, or even ideologies. If no other recourse can be found, the most severe disagreements might require an Angel to be arrested and remanded into the custody of Judgement to stand trial and allow the Most Just to settle the disagreement with the judgement of his Word.

Naturally, like all Archangels, Hiram prefers that disputes, or even matters of heresy, be dealt with “in house” and will do all within his power to bring about a mutually satisfactory resolution to such issues.

Hiram’s Mediators live and work under the same mandate, and like an Inquisitor or Warder of Judgement, being one of the Mediators is treated as a half Distinction, placing a Mediator between other Distinctions they have earned in Choice


Hiram: Archangel of Choice

In Nomine: New York - Directorate Balseraph