Matthew Shaw is a 30-something white male. About 5'10". Dark blonde, gray eyes.

  • Corporeal: 4 (Str 6 / Agi 10)
  • Ethereal: 4 (Int 10 / Pre 6)
  • Celestial: 4 (Will 10 / Per 6)
  • Zeresh: Impudite of Fate, Lilim of Fate, Infernal Pact
  • Ariel: Impudite of Fire, Balseraph of Fire

Much like any fairytale, once upon a time there were a pair of young lovers living a perfect life in a perfect place. A twisted serpent sowed the seed of doubt and mistrust in the mind of one and she joined him in revolt against the natural order of things. When the revolt failed, the abandoned lover was left to dwell on his loss. He stewed and steeped in betrayal and bitter anger. His hatred rose to the point where even perfection was lost to him. He followed his lover into despair and darkness. He found his lover. She rejoiced! He killed his lover. He found it hollow…

...but they were together at last, for in the killing, in that most intimate of intimate moments, they shared their very essence. They became one body, two minds, two souls.

Since that fated day, the lovers have traded consciousness with one another. She protecting him; he unaware of her existence.


In Nomine: New York - Directorate Balseraph