The structure of Hell has changed. Lucifer, the Lightbringer has abandoned his throne and vanished into the lowest regions of Hell, leaving his minions leaderless and confused. Seizing power immediately, a triumverate of the most potent Demon Princes arises. Baal, Prince of The War. Asmodeus, Prince of The Game and Kronos, Prince of Fate.

Together, they reform Hell into a structure not unlike a corporation. All the Princes forming a Directorate governed by the Triumverate.

These three Princes are injecting a new philosophy to Hell. One of co-operation rather than adversary. Demons once at odds with each other are now finding common groun.d and working together to further the goals of Hell.

There is one major problem to Lucifer’s departure. He took with him the ability to bind Words to a diabolical soul. A feat unable to be replicated by any Prince to date. This presents a huge tactical deficency and a major morale problem. As yet, the Princes have managed to keep it a secret from the majority of the Demons in Hell. But that won’t last forever.

The Triumverate turns to the only people they can, Fallen members of the Seraphim Council for help. Two of these ancient angels are prepared to work on separate ways to uncover the secret of Wordbinding. Weeks pass with promising results, and then, without warning, they both vanish taking their research with them. Logos, the Demon of Escalation and Sariel the Demon of Denial are now in the wind, and the Directorate is terrified of the implications.

Two teams of Demons are formed. The first is charged with finding Sariel and reporting on her location. The second is charged with finding Logos. Our PCs are in the second team and are preparing for a mission which will take them from Hell, to the Marches, to Heaven and even through Time itself.

Failure means death.

In Nomine: New York - Directorate

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